5th Year Eligibility

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Ivy Non-Participation Waiver – due by August 1 in year of missed season


Who needs one????

• Students who were enrolled in school but could not compete in athletics or complete the season because of extenuating circumstances (e.g. injury).


How do you get one????

• For those who missed the season because of any medical condition, complete the “Record of Injury” form, have it signed by the team physician, and attach medical documentation. FORM

• Complete Ivy Non-Participation Waiver Form and send with attachments (e.g., medical documentation, calendar or schedule, participation records) to the Ivy Office.
(note: new form reflects updated NCAA rules for individual sports). FORM


Ivy 5th Year Waiver – due by June 30 prior to 5th Year of Eligibility Who needs one????

• Students who want to compete beyond 4 calendar years after matriculating in an Ivy school.


Who does NOT need one???? (NEW!)

• Students who transferred to an Ivy school from a non-Ivy school (starting with ’09) (Unless of course the student takes a voluntary leave after starting at current school../)


How do you get one????

• Complete Ivy 5th Year Eligibility Waiver Form (same form for all requests). FORM

• For voluntary extensions of enrollment (i.e. voluntary leaves or enrolling in additional terms), have form signed by 5th Year Advisor.

• Send to Ivy Office.


Discontinued Requirements: Missed Season Reports

• We now have data showing the patterns of missed seasons among all students, including those who do not apply for waivers, and so this step is no longer needed. 5th Year Advising Form

• 5th Year Advisors are no longer required to complete the form detailing their conversations with students who are considering taking a leave or enrolling beyond 5 calendar years.

• HOWEVER, those meetings should still take place prior to the decision to extend enrollment in order for the student to be assured that any voluntary extension of enrollment will be approved.

Annual Report to Ivy Office

• 5th Year Advisors are no longer required to submit a report to the Ivy Office demonstrating that the pattern of student-athletes extending enrollment is consistent with patterns for other student in those schools or majors.

• The Ivy Office will continue to distribute the data on the number of students receiving waivers by sport and will ask for further explanation from any school when there are patterns that are cause for concern.

If you need any of the following forms please go to the Forms & Waivers section.